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Distance healing


This 3 day long energy uploads helps to get in balance and to clear the energetic field of yours.

In our daily lives, negatively charged vibrations accumulate in us, we store them and they form blocks slowly. During energy healing, these blocks are released from the aura and mindspace and filled with positive energy. In this way, we can refresh our energy field and become richer with renewed energy.

Other positive effects:

• increase in self-confidence and self-esteem

• feeling of harmony, security, relief

• we see the world as more beautiful

I recommend everyone to experience the real, body-and-soul transforming, warming and nurturing effects of energy healing.

To make an appointment send me an email to : 

Price:  €300

Distance healing


This therapy is a really powerful energy treatment. It is starting with a profound survey of the condition of patient. I recommend it primarily to those who have more than one illness or problem at a time. After the first three days of treatment, I need to monitor in which areas the energy is leaking, where there are foci in the body in the energy field, that are circulating back the entrenched negative energy patterns. These need to be re-energized and monitored again. In general, three consecutive treatments are sufficient. The therapy lasts for three weeks.

To make an appointment send me an email to:

Price:  €1500

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