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We determine our future with every decision.

We have to make a series of decisions every day. Which clothes should I pick up in the morning, what should I eat, should I go for run, give my book to a publisher or edit it again, should I still eat this slice of cake? Every little decision leads to habits, and habits lead to attachment and then to lifestyle.

Society, the people around us, influence our decisions, it happens that we are going with someone just beacause we like him, it is also possible that our family is forcing things on us that we don’t really want. It can affect our entire lives. Let's try to pay attention, stop a little and look at ourselves, think about whether this decision I am making now is really good for me, whether it is in line with my values ​​and ideas. It’s hard to get around the factors that affect us, which is why we need to be aware.

There are often disagreements, arguments, or huge debates in our relationships with people. It takes a lot of patience and acceptance to face it we keep this debates alive because we approach it with the same form of behavior. Let’s start to look into these situations, get out of it and see what’s really going on and choose harmony. Do not bring conflicts to life, there is always a peaceful solution. Let us strive for harmony, as everyone wants it, let us open up to each other and admit our mistakes, forgive, accept things.

Imagine a pink cloud over the person we are currently in conflict with, and put in that cloud what is important, what is your goal. For example, if there is a quarrel between me and my husband, I imagine that in the pink cloud it is written that I love him, my goal is to find a solution. This will release the tension and make it easier to discuss. Pink is the color of love and devotion, it helps us radiate love to the other.

Choose love, harmony, kindness!

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