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Chakra balancing exercise

Updated: Feb 9

In our busy lives, we do not devote enough time to "care" for our own energy. We exhaust and strain our physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Our chakras make sure that the life giving energy, prana, reaches every cell in our body and operates it. Needless to say, unfortunately, there are a lot of people whose chakras are almost completely rusty, which causes diseases in the body.

The following exercise is very effective. I recommend it for occasions such as exams, job interviews, business meetings, meetings.

It reduces nervousness, stress, nausea and increases confidence and stability.

Look for a quiet place at home on the sofa, bed or subway, bus, café, the main thing is to take a resting position for a few minutes. Take a few deep breaths and slowly exhale all the stresses, convulsive thoughts. Let's relax into the breathing. Turn your face to the light and immerse yourself in the world, or you can close your eyes. Imagine small balls of light falling from the universe, luminous, falling on top of your head, into the crown chakra and filling you with golden light. In the meantime, you can say to yourself, Dear Universe please fill me with energy, so that.... (fill it with what you want to achieve by chakra upload).

This can be repeated.

From the very end of your toes, up on your feet, you get to your root chakra, imagine that it fills with light and passes on through the sacral chakra, while feel the energy tingling your feet, your abdomen and you get to the solar plexus, then to your heart chakra, you feel calmer and stronger, and then the throat, then the third eye, and crown chakra, where the brightness, like a fountain, flows over your head and covers you with golden light. Imagine that your body is in golden light among other people, radiating goodness, kindness, harmony. Let's smile boldly. Then, while maintaining this feeling, slowly return to your surroundings, open your eyes and observe how stronger and more balanced you feel.

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