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What is energy healing?

We are all beings of energy, radiating all vibrations in our world. People have a physical body and seven energy bodies called aura. Our energy centers, our chakras in Sanskrit, are transforming energy for our body. These chakras operate our organs, every tiny cell in our body. When our chakras are charged with positive, healthy energy and function properly, our physical body is also healthy. However, most of the time, blockages and blocks appear, and so the symptoms start to appear in our body. During energy healing, these blocks must be dissolved and filled with positive, life-giving energy. Thus, the patient's physical condition will also improve.

How it works and what you have to do?

I take a survey of your condition, clear the aura, then I examine the chakras and the mind space so I can see the blockages and the condition of soul.  Next I dissolve the blockages and fill the chakras with energy.

We will make an appointment and on that day it is recommended for you to find a nice quiet place, get comfy in your bed or in your couch, in the garden or park.

The aim is to feel safe and relaxed. All you have to do is to be open to receive energy. 
You can feel tingling sensation, warmness, peacefulness.

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